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Broaching Machines
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broaching machines


Over 70% of hydraulic system failure attribute to contaminated oil. This is the finding of failure survey world over. Plainly stated, the Burgeoning cost of maintenance is a serious business problem. maintenance cost is the largest single controllable expenditure in a plant and in many companies it often exceeds annual net profit. We realise that Pro-Active "Life Extension" Maintenance can yield more than 10 - Fold savings over conventional, preventive maintenance program.
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Pro-Active Maintenance approach supplements the maintenance philosophy of "Failure reactive" with "Failure Pro- Active" by avoiding the underlying conditions that lead to machine fault and degradation.

We, Having 20 year history of dedication to develop reliable, high quality systems and to help to operate and maintain the systems efficiently believe in " Just do It" philosophy, taking a challenging step by introducing Pro-Active life Extension maintenance (PALEM) drive. We have defined our goal as systematic approach to contamination control.
Pro-Active Main Products
The oil never wears out, but the contaminants make the oil useless and discardable. When a Pro- Active Maintenance system is adopted and the contamination level in the oil is controlled, oil can be used almost indefinitely without replacement.

Crane- Bel International offers the following marvelous products for systematic contamination control and monitoring:

Porta- Filter Transfer Unit is a unique Pump, Motor and Triple Filter combination designed to remove the contamination from the oil without taking shutdown, as it re- circulates and filters the oil to protect your system from contamination, in the running machine as Dialysis. The oil filtration systems are a wheelbarrow shaped mobile unit that can be used for Pro- Active maintenance of in -plant machinery or taken on site for using with mobile equipment. The unit provides Filtration, Flushing and Transfer of oil from bulk containers to the Oil Reservoir (or vice versa) and it filters the oil during transfer itself.

Supertech system Guard removes particulate contamination and also water from the system fluid, protecting the system components and extending the productive service life of the plant and machinery. Supertech Systemguard is right equipment for contamination control, which virtually eliminates all types of contamination from the system fluid.

It is a fully automatic system for complete contamination control including dirt, water and air removal, having an unmatched performance. The unit is especially suitable when high quantity of water is to be removed from the oil.

It is a miraculous system for removal of Heat and Contamination from hydraulic or lubrication oil system, consisting of a self driven fluid motor, air oil cooler and an online filter that do not require any additional/external power for operation.

Crane-Bel offers Target- Pro a portable Particle Counter for monitoring the fluid cleanliness, as an essential step towards Pro- Active Life Extension Maintenance. Target- Pro is a solid state device using state- of- the- art Laser Technology, with three sampling options- On- line sampler, Bottle sampler and Bailing Probe.

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